Flour Prices Rose Again in Pakistan

Karachi (News Desk  08 July 2023) The price of flour has risen again, that has reached the highest level in Karachi. According to the details, there has been a big increase in the prices of flour in different cities of the country.

In Karachi flour is most expensive as compared to other cities in Pakistan, a bag of 20 kg is costing Rs 3,000, while in Islamabad and Rawalpindi the price has increased to more than Rs 2,900.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, a bag of 20 kilograms of flour is available in Lahore for twenty-seven hundred rupees, and in Multan and Gujranwala, the price has increased to twenty-seven hundred and thirty-three rupees.

In Peshawar, a 20 kg bag of flour started selling for 27 hundred rupees, in Quetta the price is also 27 hundred rupees. On the other hand, according to the report of the Institute of Statistics, the rate of inflation has also increased in the country.

According to the weekly inflation report of the Bureau of Statistics, the inflation rate increased by 0.70 percent in the recent week, with the overall inflation rate reaching 28.55 percent.

In one week, 24 essential commodities have become expensive. The price of tomato has increased by 42.25%, onion by 8.70%, potato by 4.79%, flour by 4.5%, jaggery by 4.01%. Sugar has increased by 3.48% in one week. In the recent week, the prices of 10 essential commodities recorded a decrease.

While in one week, stability was seen in the prices of 17 essential commodities. On the other hand, according to the news agency, the sale of petroleum products in the country has recorded a decrease of 26% on annual basis during the last financial year.

According to OAC and industry data, the country recorded 16.61 million tonnes of petroleum product sales in FY 2023, which is 26% less than FY 2022, and 22.56 million tonnes of petroleum products were recorded in FY 2022 .

In June 2023, the country recorded sales of 1.34 million tonnes of petroleum products, which is 4% more than in May. In May, the country recorded sales of 1.30 million tons of petroleum products.

According to statistics, during the last fiscal year, the country recorded 7.42 Sales of million tons of petrol and 6.37 million tons of diesel were recorded in FY 2022, down 17% and 28% respectively compared to FY 2022.

Updated: July 29, 2023 — 4:07 am

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