Inflation Increased in Pakistan After Eid


News Desk: After Eid-ul-Azha, the inflation rate in the country increased by 0.70 percent during the week, while the annual inflation rate was 28.55 percent.

According to the weekly data released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, the inflation rate increased by 0.70 percent last week, while the annual inflation rate has been recorded at 28.55 percent.

According to the data, 10 items became cheaper during the week, prices of 17 items remained stable while the prices of 24 essential items increased.

According to the report, during this period the price of tomato increased by 42% and onion by 8.70%, potato by 4.79% and wheat flour by 4%. Jaggery rose by 4% and sugar by 3.48%.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, last week diesel became expensive by 2.95% while the prices of LPG, cooking oil and ghee decreased slightly. Chicken, eggs, lentil, groundnut and lentil have also become cheaper.

Apart from this, wheat flour increased by 122%, tea by 102%, rice by 77% and potato by 69% on annual basis.

Updated: July 29, 2023 — 4:13 am

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