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Find a Brand Name Domain for Your Business

Selecting the right business domain name is a must for every business, because it will reflect the personality of your business. That is why bizman across the globe make a thorough search and ponder a lot in selecting the right name for their business domain. Is it important? the answer is in one simple word 'YES' it is.

It is the desire of almost every entrepreneur to get a brand name domain for their business, that is another important aspect of business domain registration. If you are one of the luckiest businessman who get a domain name for your business brand then there is nothing like that.

In other cases you can opt for some other business domain names that have the closest resemblance with your brand name. You will find number of domain registrars to get registered your favorite domain name but if you want to enter into a serious business or are a cyberpreneur then you have to select the best domain registrar for small business who can cater for all your needs and requirements.

As we often say that your business website is your sales brochure or a sort of your online office front and you have to select the best business hosting for your small business, similarly you have to be careful in selecting the right business domain registrar for your brand name domain.

Business Domain Name

There are many domain registrars who claim to provide best and cheapest business domain name but since it is your business so you are the one who has to use due diligence in choosing the best one that suits your budget and requirements.

Points to Remember Before Business Domain Name Registration

Are you planning to get a business domain name for your small business? If so then you have to keep some important factors in mind before registering a domain name. You have to ponder and think hard to find the best domain name for your business but before that just go through this post to be wiser about the subject.

1. Should be Short & Memorable

Your business domain name should be as short as possible. Though it is not must if not feasible for your business name but is considered preferable. It should be easy to remember particularly if you are going to run an online business. This is because people will also reach on your website by word of mouth. If your small business domain is catchy and memorable then more people will be able to remember it resulting into more visitors and sales.

This is a very common point and is emphasized, but if your business name is somewhat long and explanatory then there is no harm in selecting bit longer names.

2. Choosing the Best Domain Extension

When it comes to domain extension then you have a large variety available to choose from. The most commonly used domain name extensions for business websites is .com, there are others like .net, .org, .biz, .info and hundreds of others. Since dot com extension is the oldest of all and people are mostly used to it, so if nothing stops you then your first and foremost priority should be to register dot com extension for your business domain.

This extension is considered as the most reputable one and is perfect for any business website. If you are a serious business and want to remain in it for longer duration then it is always advisable to register other extensions of the domain name also like .net, .org and others.

Another important thing to consider is that if your business is limited to a particular country then you have also the option to get registered the country TLD of your domain name. Say you are living in UK then your business domain name can have extension and it will get benefit of getting local customers.

3. Business Brand as a Domain Name

It is the desire of every cyberpreneur and common businessman to get a domain name that is also their business brand name. You will be very lucky if you get this sort of business domain name, because then you will not only be able to market your business offline but also online. It will sound good and you can have the office stationary printed with this name proudly.

Due to the increased awareness about cyberpreneurship, thousands of domain names are registered daily. All the good domain names are taken and you have to be creative enough to find a brand name domain for your business that is most suitable for it.

4. Never Infringe Others Trademark

There are number small business domain names those contain registered trademarks of an already existing business entity. The pretext that why not they have registered the domain name is not an excuse to own it,

You may find yourself in litigation and law proceedings afterwards. There are several domain owners who do so in a hope to charge higher rates afterwards from the affected company.

However if you are not a domain flipper and only looking to establish your own business on solid footings then stay clear from such activities. Go for your own unique business domain name that reflects your products or services. Think for longer terms and take your time to find the right domain name for your business.

5. Hyphens and Numbers in Your Business Domain

If possible try to avoid hyphens and numbers in your company domain name. Though there are number of company names with numbers in them as Home21, Realtor55 etc. If such companies use numbers with their business domain, its okay and in most of the cases desirable. If your company have no concern with any number then it is of no use at all.

Using hyphens in domain name is not considered good and you should try to avoid it as much as you can. This is more important if your business is greatly dependent on your website and domain. People may tend to forget hyphens and you may lose number of potential customers and clients.

6. Find Best Domain Registrar for Small Business

You will come across a great number of domain registrars online claiming to provide you with best services. However, you have to look for the right domain registrar who is accredited with ICANN and other authorized agencies. There are number of domain resellers operating online who may charge you more and with number of catches that are not comprehendible by a newbie.

7. Privacy & Ownership of Your Business Domain

There are several domain registrars operating locally who register the domain names on your behalf, in this way the actual ownership of the domain remains with them and you can use it as long as you pay them the fees. This is extremely undesirable way if you are a serious business.

You should get the complete ownership of the domain name that you intend to register. The domain Whois record should clearly mention the data provided by you and not the registrars.

Some good business domain name registrars do provide you with privacy to protect you from spam. If you so desire to opt for the privacy then it is okay. However this has to be according to your desires and wishes.

In addition to this your domain name registrar should also gives you an option of domain lock so that it should not be able to get transferred accidentally without your consent.

8. Availability of Domain Control Panel

All the good domain registrars do offer a complete domain control panel to their customers. From your domain control panel you can easily manage all the aspects of your domain line renewals, privacy, transfers and name server management.

Name server management of your business domain is very important as you may need to transfer your hosting to a new web host sometimes in the future. It will involve changing name servers and updating different records about your domain name.

As every business web hosting company has different NS records, so if you opt to change web hosting for your business website then you do require managing and updating the NS from your domain control panel.

If you do not have access to your domain Cpanel then you have to contact the concerned domain registrar to update your NS. This may take extra time and effort and unforeseen inconvenience. To avoid such consequences opt for that domain registrar who offers full control over your business domain name.

9. Register Your Business Domain Name for Longer Duration

Normally a domain name is registered for one year, after which you have to get it renewed before the expiry date. You are not bound to but it is always desirable to get the business domain name registered for longer duration.

This will not only save you from renewal botheration every year but will also add to the authority and seriousness of your business. It may also help to add trust on your website and ultimately your business.

10. Keyword in the Domain Name

You will be lucky enough if you get your business keyword in your selected domain name. This will help to recognize your business activity by merely reading the domain name of your business. In addition to this, it will also help in search engine optimization of your business website.

Though search engine like Google give very minute consideration to this aspect but you will always get advantage of increase in click through rate on your web link as the keyword get automatically highlighted in the search results.

There are number of other consideration to keep in mind before registering your business domain name but the ten given above are the most important ones. Remember it is your business and you have to take care of all the important aspects of it. The success of your online presence depends on your website hosting and business domain name so you have to be very careful about these two.

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