Naming Your Small Business

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Business Guide

Naming your small business is also very important matter. What is in a name ? A name of a business reflects a lot about its products, culture and seriousness of the business owner. If you have named your business and your product or service correctly then you are on the road to money.

Therefore take your time to decide about a good name for your small business.

Naming Business

Personal Names

There are lots of businesses whose name is after the owners or his forefathers name like Alams International, Saqib Plastic House etc. Well there's nothing wrong with it. However such businesses are more of the local entities, where clients of a particular city or area knows them. Yes there are examples of international businesses but they are few. Opt for them if only you desire to operate in a special community or city.

When naming a business whose geographical reach and clientele are mainly local, you can use nicknames, regional or city names. Subliminally, these kinds of names drive home the message, "We're rooted in your community."

Brand Names

If you manufacture something or you have some specialty then you can surely develop a brand name for your small business. Stylo shoes, Unique Bakers etc are examples of brand name. Remember your brand name will only get successful if your products are really up to the mark. Otherwise they will not be respected in the market and soon your business will decline.

International Names

If you wish to expand your business at a national or international level then opt for good generic names. This will sound somewhat sophisticated. People sitting at a distance from you will get an impression in their minds about you. Apex Digitalz and Ashyana Software House both pose different impression on a person listening to them.

Your business name should be short, sound pleasing and easy to remember. You may also like to get it registered as your trade mark. By this way you will be authorized to add TM (Trade Mark) to your business name. Having a TM means you are a serious entrepreneur and people will pose more confidence in your company.

Employ a good designer who can design your business logo. This designed business logo should be used everywhere. On your sign board, your letter head, labels and all your stationary. If your dealings and business style is impressive, soon your business name will be recognized by the people thus making your business a success modal for you. Good Luck


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