How to Achieve Effective Online Presence?

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Online Business

Having an online presence is a must in this age and almost every business and person is striving hard to have an online presence. This is because the technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and internet is becoming an important necessity of life.

So in order to keep pace with the development the competition for having an effective online presence is getting tougher each day. There are several ways and means to achieve an effective online presence but here we will talk of some of the most important ones. Gone are the days when having a website and couple of social media accounts were considered as sufficient to get the online attendance roll signed.

However the things have rapidly changed and you have to really work hard to get through this challenge. Enough of the premise and now let’s get the ball rolling for achieving effective presence online but if you need some additional doze of inspiration you may read:

SEO For Online Presence

It is presumed that you already possess a website that is fully functional and active online. May it be your company website or personnel one, it will have no impact and will offer you no benefit if it can’t be found by your potential clients who are searching for the products and services offered by you.

That is why I have added the word ‘effective’ with the phrase ‘online presence’ because effective means that have some effect and which can be translated in to fame, respect and money of course.

You can use ethical SEO techniques to achieve high ranking on search engines and that means you have achieved effective online presence. Let’s say your company is selling some products and when people search to buy them, they find you at the top. They visit your website and make the purchases, so money and profits will start rolling in for you, therefore we can say:

SEO Can Make Your Online Presence Profitable

So you should concentrate on this matter seriously. Remember your website is useless if it is only visited by your friends and family members. It need to be found by the people looking out for you and SEO is the solution to it.

If you are a serious online business then a dedicated SEO Consultant for business is required to help you achieve an effective online presence. There are several offline businesses that have started earning more through their websites than their traditional shops.

If you are an individual looking to make your presence felt online in your chosen field then you must strive to learn SEO techniques yourself to achieve this purpose.

Using Social Media For Online Presence

Social media has stormed the online world at such a rapid pace that no business or entrepreneur can overlook its importance. These days SEO tasks are not successful without properly working on SMO. The search engines are also keeping an eye on the social sharing of the website content.

When I talk of achieving online effective presence through social media, I mean that you should also have social media accounts with good standing. Some of the most important social media profiles you need are Facebook fan page, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Of course there are lot more of them and better it is to explore the world of social media as much as you can.

The point to remember here is that just making a fan page on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ will not serve the purpose until and unless you make it so attractive and useful that people happily become the part of your community. Be active, post useful and interesting content regularly and soon you will see a rise in your followers.
To attract the people initially you may use Facebook ads and other advertising methods. Once you have developed a sizeable and loyal followers then lot of other people will come following them.

Once everything is set on social media and you feel that people have showed sufficient interest in your online presence, developed a faith in you then you may start directing them to your main website. Since people have already shown interest and confidence in you so converting them in to buyers and clients will not be difficult at all, so:

Online Presence Through Social Media Can Get You Buyers & Clients

Use Videos For Online Presence

The concept of using videos to attract people’s attention is getting very popular. Since people have started spending more time online so even the large media houses and TV networks have started their channels on popular video sites. This is because they don’t want to disappear from the sight of people, so where ever the public goes they will find them and their presence will be felt everywhere.

Working on the same principle, if you want to remain in the spotlight then pay some solid attention to use videos for making your online presence felt by people.
Create a video channel on Youtube plus some other popular video sites and upload your own created videos about your company and products. You can always hire some professional videographer for this purpose, because this is worth investing. Since videos have more impact that than plain text and images so you can make your online presence felt with some interesting and useful videos related to your products and services.

Final Word

There are of course other ways to achieve effective online presence but the 3 enumerated above are the most useful and time tested methods. The more creative you get better it will be for your online presence, so think of them and devise different methods to develop an individuality and let people pose confidence in you.