Audit Meaning in Urdu & English

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An inspection of the accounting books/ledgers and records by a trained accountant.

Meaning: پڑتال کرنا، حساب کرنا، حساب کی جانچ پڑتال
Roman: Hisab ki janch parhtal krna
Talafuz: O'dit

Audit Meaning in English

1. Examine carefully account books, ledgers for accuracy with the intent of verification.

  • Periodic audit of the company account will keep your financial matters checked.

    Usage of Word Audit

  • The new accountant found number of discrepancies in the company account while carrying out yearly audit.
  • You need to hire an expert accountant to audit the business account books and ledgers.
  • Take your business audit seriously as health of your company finances depend on it.

  • Synonyms of Audit

    inspect, scrutinize, check

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    Audit Meaning in Urdu

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