Foreign Exchange Meaning in Urdu

Foreign Exchange is combination of foreign and exchange and the meaning is:.

Meaning: زرِ مبادلہ- دوسرے ممالک کی کرنسی
Roman: Zar-e-Mubadla, doosre mumalik ki currency
Talafuz: For'en-ex-change

Foreign Exchange Term Explained

The word FOREIGN EXCHANGE is a financial and economic term in the financial matters and business news. You would have often listened to the news that foreign exchange reserves of the country are going down or going up. Normally the currency rates in Pakistan are attached with dollar rate in Pakistan so our foreign exchange reserves are measured in term of US dollar. In Imran Khan government the dollar reserves were very high around 16 billion but now after the regime change now they stand around 6 billion US dollars.

It is also used while talking about economy of any country like foreign exchange reserves, foreign exchange loan etc. In trading the term is used as forex trading, as the term forex is short form of foreign exchange.

All the foreign currencies like US dollar, UK pound sterling, Saudi Riyal, UAE Dirham, Turkish Lira etc are all foreign exchange. the daily change in currency rates in Pakistan and other countries depict the strength of foreign reserves. Like you know that dollar rate in Pakistan is closely observed by everybody because the inflation increases or decreases with its rates.

Example Sentences of Foreign Exchange

  • The country's FOREIGN EXCHANGE reserves are increasing rapidly due to increase in export of rice.
  • Due to increase in imports and lesser exports the FOREIGN EXCHANGE reserves of the country are going down.

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