Health Hazards of Excessive Sitting in the Office

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Life Matters


Most of the businesses are conducted while sitting in the office for public dealing and paper work. A businessman have to man the office to manage the day to day business matters. Most of the work timings are from 9-5 that makes full 8 hours of work.

If you need to sit in the office for continuous eight hours then it can create lot of health problems for you. A few of them are given below:

1. Weight Gain: sitting only and working on a single chair can increase your weight because paper work only will not burn enough calories. Of course you also have to eat and drink while sitting in the office and these extra calorie will keep on depositing as fats around your belly. A good weight loss product like Eco Slim in Pakistan or some slimming belt will help you significantly to keep your belly fat checked. You can also try moving and exercising around the office if the work and time permits.

2. Lower Back Pain: sitting posture matters a lot for the health of your spine. However in a busy office proper posture is often ignored and is changed according to the work. If you have to write or type then bending forward is must and it may effect your spine. That is why it is often seen in number of businessmen that they complain of back pain.

While working they can not pay proper attention to their sitting posture so when they get back home they feel tired and have back pain in their lower section.

3. Low Sex Drive: Sitting whole day long on a chair reduces blood circulation in the lower part of the body that results in to low sex drive. That is why businessmen take help of Vimax supplement to supercharge their vigor and virility. If your business work demands lot of sitting then try finding some time for regular exercise in the morning and evening. For more details about other reasons for this matter read, why businessmen complain of low sex drive? to be more wiser about the subject and its remedies.

4. Depression and Hair Related Problems: According to a research mental disorders like depression, sadness, anxiety etc is also created due to excessive sitting in a lonely office. Sitting whole day long upright reduces the blood circulation to the upper body and head that leads to poor mental health. In addition to this hair related problems like male baldness, dandruff also occur. Maybe due to this reason lot of businessmen go bald and face excessive thinning of hair etc. That is why Caboki hair fiber and other hair related herbal products are in high demand in business community.

5. Acidity & Heartburn: Heartburn or acid reflux is another physical problem that businessmen face during their business life. This is again related to excessive sitting in the office. A businessman whose work involves lot of public dealing face acidity problem more than the others. This is due to the reason that he has to entertain the guests and have to consume lot of tea with them.

In some cases he takes lunch in the office and then starts working there and finds less time to walk around. This all contributes to the reasons of acidity in the stomach. If you are one of them with this problem then Acidity Relief Formula is the quick solution to it. You may keep it in your office and use it as and when required. But this is not the permanent solution and you have to change your life style for it.

There are several other health and mental problems related to excessive sitting in the office. You may like to adopt physical activities to counter the problems that may arise due to excessive sitting.


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