Qualities of a Good Real Estate Agent

If you are related to real estate market somehow or the other, then you will surely come across a property agent, property dealer or real estate agent/advisor or whatever name you use for him. It is obvious that buying/selling of real estate always involves two parties, one will be the buyer, and other will be a seller.

Both of the parties will be having different thoughts in their minds, and the main difference in their point of view is the price of the property. Here the role of the property agent becomes important because it is his duty to bring both the parties at an agreeable price.

There are certain qualities that are required to become a good and successful real estate agent :

1. Punctuality : A successful real estate agent should be punctual and whatever time he gives to the parties he should always appear in time. If due to some reasons he couldn't show up at the specified time then he should inform the concerned persons well before time so that they can adjust their commitment accordingly.

2. Well Dressed :If you are in the public dealing business then dressing up properly is very important. Nice, clean and sober dress that is according to the season is highly desired for being a good real estate broker.

Your clients should feel pleasure in your company and that is only possible if you are nicely shaven, clean and well dressed.

3. Mannerism :Since educated class is also entering into real estate business, so a high degree of good mannerism is expected out of a gentleman property agent. Use of good and clean language and presenting a friendly, decent and sober personality to the clients will have a positive impact on your marketing skills.

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  • This is more important if you are dealing in Islamabad property, DHA or Bahria Town. The main reason is that investors and owners of these places are mostly educated class, and they feel comfortable if a well-mannered person is dealing with them.

    4. Honesty & Integrity : A good real estate agent is the one whose honesty and integrity is above any doubts. For this you have to establish a solid reputation in the market because once it is established then, it will help you a lot in marketing and dealing in real estate.

    Good or bad, one thing is for sure that your reputation travels very fast in the market so be very careful about it.

    There are number of other qualities which a good realtor should possess to be successful as a real estate agent or broker. The above mentioned are a few of them without which it will be tough to survive in the real estate market.

    If you want to be a successful and popular property agent then these qualities will surely help you to establish a nice and solid reputation in the real estate market.


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