Qualities of a Good Real Estate Office

If you want to enter into real estate brokerage business, then you need a static and good place where your clients can meet you. Since real estate business involves lot of money so nobody will like to deal through a person who can't offer them a chair and a cup of tea at his place.

There are several sub-agents of real estate companies who try to make deals while sitting in hotels and other places to avoid the commissions that they have to pay the company. Intelligent investors always try to stay away from such people.

If you desire to establish yourself as a good real estate advisor or a broker then a permanent office is a must. It should be well-furnished and must possess following qualities:

1. Good Office: A good real estate agent maintains a nice office with comfortable and private sitting place where the investors and property owners can sit and carry out their negotiations without any disturbance.

Location of the office should be such that everybody can reach their easily. The most important factor is the availability of the parking area. Since the owners/investors are rich people, so they surely be maintaining expensive cars, so if they find a good and secure parking for their vehicles then they will be at peace.

2. Furnished & Decorated: A well furnished and decorated office always leaves an excellent impression on the clients. They take the impression that if they are making the deals of millions, then this place is worth sitting and doing the things.

For this you should arrange for good, comfortable sofas, chairs and nice tables, curtains, carpets and other necessary items that could create an excellent impression on your clients.

Entertainment & Hospitality: When a person sits at a place for a some longer duration then he requires some tea, coffee or cold drinks. You should have this capacity to provide with such things to your clients from within the office.

Your office boy shouldn't be running to the market hotels for fetching a cup of tea. Other snacks like biscuits, dry fruit, should be available with you.

Privacy & Security:

Since real estate dealing is a matter of private discussions and involves an exchange of cash, so privacy and security of the office is of utmost importance. If your property office is set up in a flat or a house, then you can easily dedicate a separate room for making real estate deals.

If that is not possible then add a good solid partition within the office that can serve the purpose of providing privacy to your clients.

Final Word

Always remember that a good real estate setup pays rich dividends when it comes to providing property consultancy. That is why you will find certain real estate offices giving the look of large multi-national companies.


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