How to Start Reseller Hosting Business?

Reseller hosting business is one of the most lucrative and profitable online business these days. In reseller hosting business you can own a web hosting company without spending on the expensive infrastructure.

Due to the increasing usage of the internet and computers more and more people are getting connected to the online world. Thousands of websites and blogs are popping up daily. All these internet properties require some sort of hosting to appear online. So your reseller hosting business can thrive if you put some effort in it.

What is Reseller Hosting Business?

Reseller hosting business in simple terms is to buy certain server resources from an already established hosting company, repackage and sell them at profit. This means that you only need to resell a readymade hosting product without creating your own. There are several hosting resellers who are successfully operating their own mini hosting company.

How to Start a Reseller Hosting Business?

Considering it a full time business you need to carefully plan everything about it. Good business plans always pay rich dividends so you must take it seriously. Following guide lines may benefit you:

1. Workout the number of confirmed and potential clients that are expected to buy hosting package from you. Talk with your friends and known webmasters and carryout your own research/survey etc.

2. Plan carefully your budget and financial requirements that includes your advertising costs, office expenditure (if any), your reseller hosting plan cost etc.

3. Research and study the reseller hosting plans of some top reseller hosting providers and select the best one suiting your budget and requirements. You must opt for excellent business hosting to be a successful web host.

4. Select a suitable reseller hosting package and start making your own hosting plans. You have to decide the prices of your plans yourself keeping in view the local market and tailor them according to the clients’ requirements.

5. Set up a good secure website where your clients can easily contact you, sign up for the hosting plans and make payments etc.

6. Carryout SEO of your hosting website properly so that your potential clients can find you easily when they search for hosting. Since it is a small scale local business so you need to advertise your reseller hosting company locally also.

7. Think of any other important aspect that needs to be covered keeping in view your local market and trend.

Points to Remember For Reseller Hosting Business

In reseller hosting business you are totally dependent on your parent hosting company so it is a must and most important thing to select the most reliable and best reseller hosting provider. Go for a reputed brand name reseller hosting provider that enjoys good reputation in the market.

Since YOU are answerable to your clients so select that hosting company that can provide proper customer support to them. Alternatively you have to devise a mechanism to handle the queries yourself through telephone, chat or e-mail etc.

Future Outlook of Reseller Hosting Business

Reseller hosting business is an ever growing online business with immense profit potential in the future. The web hosting requirements are a constant rise and it will keep on increasing day by day.

As the companies and businesses are realizing the importance of their online presence and blogs are mushrooming up every day so the web hosting companies will prosper. Seeing big money in the business more and more people will jump in to it and the competition will keep on getting tougher day by day. So only those hosting companies will survive that will provide quality services and customer support. There are number of web hosting companies in Rawalpindi/Islamabad offering different reseller hosting packages from which you can select the best one.

Final Word

Starting your own reseller hosting business is not a part time work and you need to attend it on full time basis in order to derive full benefit from it. There are several people who started reseller hosting business with a bang but with the passage of time they lost interest. This has not only harmed their reputation but also had an adverse affect on their clients’ business websites.

So it is imperative for you to take a firm decision before starting your reseller hosting business with solid plan and sufficient budget.